Expected " Decision Making and Executive Abilities " of Leader

We are dedicated to assist your “decision making and executive” processes for “Asialization”, the new stage beyond the traditional corporation framework, with our professional services including HR development, establishing business foundations, and optimization of value chains in Thailand and the other Southeast Asian countries.

Corporate Credit Research (AR Report)
Local Corporate Establishment Support Service
Local Representative Agency Support
Market Research
Blue-Chip Corporations Referral and Business Meeting Set-Up
Translation Service

Comprehensive functions for Thai investment projects

(1) Consultation Free

We will ask you about investment plans, competitor surveys, and strategies.

(2) Preparation for advancement

Consider superiority and judge YES / NO. Prepare for advancement.

(3) Preparation for establishment

From selecting locations such as offices, factories, and warehouses, creating articles of incorporation, registering corporations, accounting and general affairs, introducing tax accountant offices, and corporate labor.

(4) Operation support

Supporting business with ARK Group

Business support

Introducing partners for visa, work permit management, inventory management system, optimal consulting, accounting tax and ISO consulting


Tokyo office

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